Queerness and Multireligious Perspectives Interview: Alex Rudy

As part of this series on the intersections of queerness and multireligiosity, I want to offer queer, multireligious people a platform to reflect on our experiences in our own words and on our own terms. This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity. For this interview, I spoke with one of my favorite people — my brilliantContinue reading “Queerness and Multireligious Perspectives Interview: Alex Rudy”

Queerness and Multireligious Identities: An Introduction

What does it mean to have a queer relationship to gender, sexuality, and spiritual identity?  This question has been on my mind during my final semester of divinity school. The question itself is not new to me — I’ve been wrestling with my own relationship to queerness, gender, and spiritual identities for more than fifteenContinue reading “Queerness and Multireligious Identities: An Introduction”