Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is an accompanied, witnessed journey into creating and honoring the sacred in your own life. It is a process of discernment, deep listening, and esteeming you and your specific ways of connecting with and making meaning of your life experiences.

Is Spiritual Direction for me?

Have you ever felt as if you were being nudged into deeper relationship with the sacred, however you know and name it, but didn’t know how to shape your wonderings/wanderings? Do you yearn to develop your own practices of devotion in collaboration with a trusted witness in spiritual curiosity? If so, spiritual direction may be for you!

What will Spiritual Direction be like?

Your experience of spiritual direction will likely be shaped by what you’re bringing with you into this process. I’ll ask that we form a covenant or agreement at the beginning of our time together that outlines privacy agreements and how we’ll be in right relationship with one another during our time together.

We may start the process of spiritual direction by asking gentle questions about your hopes, dreams, yearnings, fears, and challenges, and then listening into the answers. We may incorporate spiritual practices into these inquiries, or choose to sit in silent presence for periods of time, waiting for a stirring or whispering of the heart. We may laugh, cry, joke, sing, play music, pray, or dance our way into making meaning of your experiences and following the calling of your heart. We’ll practice making some things up as we go along, and tailoring our sessions to your needs in the moment.

Do I need to believe in divinity to take part in Spiritual Direction ?

While many forms spiritual direction come out of traditions that use the language of divinity, you do not need to have belief in or experience of divinity in order to explore your relationship to meaning-making and spiritual life.

If you do experience or believe in a divine or divines, that may be an abundant source for you in this work, and I welcome you in sharing share your beliefs and experiences.

Do I need to have pre-existing spiritual practice(s) to participate in Spiritual Direction ?

Beginners, folks with limited experience with spiritual practice, and folks who are nervous or uncertain about their relationship with spiritual practice are most welcome! Part of the work and play of Spiritual Direction is developing and deepening your relationship to spiritual practices and rituals that nourish and sustain you. If this will be your first experience with something like that, I am delighted to accompany you on your spiritual journey.

How long & how frequently will we meet?

Spiritual direction sessions will typically be one hour in length. We may meet on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis depending on your needs and capacity.

Is Spiritual Direction a substitute for therapy?

Spiritual direction can be a wonderful complement to therapy. The work of therapy and discerning spiritual calling is often mutually informative and enriching. However, the spiritual direction I offer is not a substitute for therapy. If your discoveries in spiritual direction lead you to the realization that you’d like to begin therapy, I am happy to support you in your journey of finding a therapist! However, I am not a trained or licensed mental health professional and cannot provide those services.

Are there costs or fees associated with Spiritual Direction?

Yes. I take a great deal of time and care in preparing for our time together and tending this relationship, and I appreciate your reciprocity and valuing of my labor. My suggested starting contribution is $75 per hour, and I offer spiritual direction services on the following sliding scale:

Free (limited number): if you’re unable to offer monetary compensation I have a very limited number of free spiritual direction sessions per month. I prioritize these sessions for low-income Black, Indigenous, People of Color, trans, queer, gender marginalized, and disabled folks. Please email me to inquire about this tier.

Pay what you can (limited number): a discounted tier for those who will experience financial strain from paying the suggested contribution. While the suggested donation for this tier is $50/hour, this tier ranges from $10-74/hour.

$75/hour: my suggested contribution for spiritual direction services.

$75+/hour: if you experience financial abundance and would like to exceed the suggested contribution in order to facilitate my ability to offer more slots at discounted levels, your generosity is greatly appreciated.

“Like many people, I have complicated feelings about my religious upbringing and my place in that (and the wider) world. I never had the experience of even wanting that kind of guidance because I never met a religious elder or cleric whose guidance I had any confidence in due to fundamental incompatibilities of our beliefs.

One of the many blessings I found in getting to know Esther on a personal level was that… I saw firsthand the ways ministry – as she defined it – informed how she moved in the world, and eventually I found myself seeking direct ministry from her, something I had never asked of anyone before. I always thought ministry was other people telling you what they believe with either the hope or goal of making it what you believe, too – proclamations and proselytizing. Esther taught me that ministry is not conversion; it’s an ongoing conversation in the context of community, held with a person who considers exploring one’s beliefs to be the ongoing work of a lifetime and can help guide you on your journey into figuring out yours.”

Fairuz Rougeaux

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