Officiating weddings is a joy-filled, fun, and deeply moving part of my life’s work. I am ordained by American Marriage Ministries, and can perform legally binding marriage ceremonies in all 50 US States and US Territories (with the exception of some counties in Virginia).

I am delighted to officiate wedding ceremonies for people of all genders; people of all sexual orientations; interfaith/multifaith couples; nonreligious people; and multiple partners in polyamorous/non-monogamous relationships.

If you would like me to perform a wedding ceremony between more than two people, or would like me to officiate in a place that is not US State or Territory, I am happy to do so; however, the ceremony will not be legally binding.

Some folks have very specific ideas of what they’d like out of a marriage ceremony, vows, and officiant reflections, while others may feel a bit overwhelmed by the planning process. As an officiant, I work with you to understand what is important to you about marriage, commitment, and the person you are marrying; what elements of faith traditions you may or may not want to incorporate in your wedding ceremony; and the sort of feelings and meaning-making you want your wedding ceremony to invoke. I then work with you — sometimes closely, sometimes mostly on my own, depending on the preference of the people getting married — to craft a ceremony that affirms your values and desires for this transformative life commitment.

Resource recommendationThe Hard Questions: 100 Questions To Ask Before You Say “I Do,” by Susan Piver.