I’m Esther Wallace.

I am a spiritual advisor, ritualist, preacher, Dungeon Minister, and practitioner of devotion. This is Hallowed Be, the virtual home for my ministerial offerings.

I am so delighted you’re here!

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Hallowed Be

…is a phrase drawn from The Lord’s Prayer in the Christian tradition. Although I no longer claim Christianity as my faith tradition, these words hold a lot of meaning, possibility, and invitation for me, probably because I spend a lot of time thinking about how we humans make meaning and why that’s important.


…means “to honor as holy”, “to make holy,” or “to respect greatly.” Hallowed Be…? It’s a question and theme that echoes through my life: what do we honor as holy? What do we make holy? How do the multiplicities and transgressive realities of our lives, our identities, relate to hallowing? The phrase Hallowed Be suggests, to me, the possibility that we shape and create the sacred just as much as the sacred shapes us.

If there is

…a thesis to my life’s work at this point in time, it is this: we make meaning of our experiences, and how we make meaning matters. What we do with our meaning-making matters. We create ritual, theology and belief systems, and structures that nourish, generate, and liberate; we also create ritual, theology and belief systems, and structures/institutions that deplete, harm, and oppress. How we make meaning matters. How you make meaning matters.

My hope is that my work and play here can be a resource to you in your own meaning-making process.

What do you find holy? What do you make holy in your own life? What do you make holy in collective spaces, and why?

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